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At Grain & Weave we really do make everything truly bespoke. From front or back to external doors, internal doors to staircases.

Below are some of our projects for customers in the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire areas. All hand made in our own workshop and installed ourselves.

Any style, any size, any wood and any finish - just ask.

Hand built custom made doors Grain & Weave Wiltshire

Custom made doors

We made these bespoke tulip 6 panel doors with MDF raised panels and fited them to a customer's existing wardrobe.

Grain & Weave of Cricklde Wiltshire made these bepoke bifold doors

Bespoke bi-fold doors

These made to measure bi-fold doors are installed ready for the finishing touches.

Made to measure oak staircases fitted by Grain & Weave Wiltshire

Made to measure oak staircase

A solid oak staircase, hand made and installed in Latton, Wiltshire.

Custom made wooden stair case made and fitted by Grain & Weave near Cirencester Glos

Bespoke wooden stair gate

The view from the top of the oak staircase in the previous picture, we built and fitted this wooden stair gate to finish.

Hand made wooden doors

Bespoke handmade door

This handmade door was made for a client in Tetbury out of Tulip. We shaped and templated ourselves to install glass to fit the exact shape.

Made to measure timber back doors by Grain & Weave Wiltshire

Bespoke front door

We made this door in our workshop for a client near Lynham. This was made out of solid oak and also templated to install glass.



An uninspiring understairs cupboard

An uninspiring understairs cupboard

A customer tasked us with making over their rather plain understairs cupboard.

Mitring a cupboard door

Mitring the new cupboard door

We cut and mitred a new cupboard door to match the customer's existing internal doors, as well as adding architrave and reinstalling the stair stringer board.

Understairs cupboard after a makeover by Grain & Weave Interiors

Understairs cupboard after our makeover

After painting to finish off the makeover our customer was thrilled with the new look we gave the understairs cupboard.



We were contacted by lady who was unhappy with the carpentry work done by another company when they fitted new door frames and doors together with brand new architraves and skirting boards.

Incorrect architrave margins

Incorrect architrave margins

The way these new architraves had been fitted meant that they had to be cut to accommodate the door hinges leaving an untidy finish.

Correctly measured architrave margins

Correctly measured architrave margins

We fitted new architraves using the correct margins so that the door hinges now fit perfectly, the door latches hit the strike plates and the doors now close cleanly.

Poorly mitred joints

Poorly mitred joints

These architrave joints weren't a tight fit meaning that a lot of caulk was needed to fill in the gap.

Tightly mitred joints

Tightly mitred joints

Grain & Weave replaced the architraves using clean, tightly mitred joints which would require minimal or no filling prior to being painted.


The architraves had been fitted using incorrect margins which meant having to cut into the brand new wood work to allow for the door hinges and in addition to this, the door latches hit the architraves rather than the strike plates. The mitred joints also weren't tight meaning a lot of filler had been used and a substantial amount of glue had also been used to fit the architraves but none on the actual joints.

We replaced the architraves, fitting them with tightly mitred joints and positioning them using the correct margins from the edge of the door frame to accommodate the door hinges. By installing the architraves in the correct position, the door latches now also hit the strike plates. In the bathroom we rebated the architraves over the existing tiles to give a clean and neat straight edge which would then need minimal silicone after painting.

Our new customer was delighted with our work, especially as the doors now also shut!

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